Mike Fromhold
Mike Fromhold's Fundraiser


22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY. I'm committed to doing as many burpees as possible in 24 hours on Veterans Day to raise awareness and money for the cause. I'm asking for your support of $0.02 (or just $0.01... more!!!) for every burpee I do.

$19,341 towards $15,000

PLEASE INCLUDE IN THE COMMENTS OF YOUR DONATION HOW MANY BURPEES YOU DID... I will use that burpee count for my donation of $0.022 for the total number of burpees completed by everyone. Thank you again for your support!

There are over 20 Million Veterans in America, 500,000 of which suffer with PTS. These are the men and women who have served our country to preserve the freedoms and liberties we have today. 22 Veterans commit suicide EVERY DAY. That's 8,000 per year.

The Courage Foundation offers innovative programs that are making a difference in the lives of veterans suffering from PTS.

Let's do some burpee's to raise money and awareness for our Vets. I'll be keeping you posted on my progress on Wednesday, doing as many burpees a possible in a 24 hour window. Follow me @mfromhold on Instagram for some live coverage of my Burpee's on Wednesday (starting at Midnight). If you would like to make a pledge in support of my effort, I would be proud to have you on my team.

To make a pledge:

  1. Text or email me the amount ($0.02, $0.01, $0.05... or more!) you plan on donating per burpee before Veterans Day.
  2. On Thursday morning, I will post my burpee totals for the day and send you an update so that you can make a donation based on your pledge.
  3. For every Burpee YOU do in this 24 hour period, I will donate $0.01 to the Courage Foundation as well! Please let me know by Text or Email.

Never Forget.