Please, donate now and help us help our nations heroes.  image

Please, donate now and help us help our nations heroes.

Every dollar is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for serving our veterans and active-duty service members with your support!

The Courage Foundation's programs (Veteran Integration Program) bring veterans together to train toward common goals – building the trust, comradery, and social support which restore purpose. The training integrates physical, mental, emotional, intuition/awareness and spiritual aspects of one’s being through simple and highly effective self-administered training tools.

The offerings in the Veteran Integration Program are free of charge
for registered veterans.

The Mark Divine Courage Foundation believes, with their commitment and service to their country and nation, veterans have already paid the price.

Due to the “Free of charge” policy for veterans some of the offers are limited in the numbers of participants. Therefore, we are grateful for any donation that helps us provide and expand our services to veterans.

Awareness and Fundraising Campaign

We also partner with organizations already serving veterans and provide access to skills, resources and training including Unbeatable Mind courses, books, multimedia materials and coaches to integrate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health into their daily activities so they can take back control of their lives and make their positive impact in the world.

Of particular note are the "Burpees for Veterans" campaigns each October and November and the fundraisers for and with our nonprofit partner, "Carry the Load", nationally each May.

Please, note that donations by check should be sent to:

Courage Foundation

C/O Jon Atwater
2126 Red Gap Ct.
Encinitas, CA 92027

Our mission, our purpose, our vision

We invite you to learn more about the Mark Divine Courage Foundationon on the other pages of this website, and why your support means so much to military service members.