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Sponsor my 235 mile barefoot-ruck to support veteran's with PTSD

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$25 towards $20,000

After finishing Mark Divine's Unbeatable Mind Academy some time ago, -- being part of the network -- I was among those to recently receive an invitation for a team/sponsor-participation to "Walk the Path of the Spartan 300, Where The Warrior's Code Of Honor Was Born." Mark Divine continued in the invitation/announcement: "I am leading [ a ] team of committed [ people ] to Greece on an 8-day ruck following the path that Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 warriors rucked to take on the invading Persian King Xerxes. Please consider joining us for this epic adventure, and simultaneously helping my new Courage Foundation heal victims of PTSD. The mission will commence on September 14th and end on the 23rd. This is not a race, but you will need to be in reasonable shape to avoid injury and thrive with the team. Each day will include Unbeatable Mind training before, during and after the event.[…] I can't imagine a better way to challenge ourselves, serve warriors in need, and do some deep self-reflection on what it means to live a life of honor, discipline, courage, and commitment… like the Spartan 300."

Please join the goal, so that we can join in spirit to support the healing of wounded warriors! The Unbeatable Mind method really works!

It took courage for 300 Spartans to battle thousands of Persian invaders in 480 BC, and it takes courage for our veterans to overcome the battle wounds of PTSD. I have committed to raise $20,000 and to the challenge of rucking 235 miles along the same path as the 300 Spartans from Sparta to "The hot gates" of Thermopylae. Over the next 4 or 5 months I will be training to prepare for this challenge. I will keep you updated with blog posts and pictures during my training and "along the path of the Spartans" via my website.

1) Barefoot running blog 9 May 2017: 'Work Out', see also: 'Dealing with Danger and Stress'

2) Barefoot running blog 11 May 2017: 'Use it, or lose it' (on herbal treatment for PTSD, contains semi-graphic image)

3) Barefoot ruuning blog 14 May 2017: 'The Way of the blood'

4) Barefoot running blog 18 May 2017: 'Periodization and 'The law of diminishing returns' ("Sport comes from the Greeks and from peace")

5) Barefoot running blog 22 May 2017: 'Vanessa Cardui' ("[The] famous Milon of Croton [ ate ] 8.5 Kgs. of meat every day, an equal amount of bread, poured over by an estimate of 10 litters wine.")

6) Barefoot running blog 1 June 2017: 'Don't judge, be conscientious.' ("Camera's come and go, with the speed of light.")

7) Barefoot running blog 2 June 2017: 'The aim of strain' (''... is relaxation and fun." )

8) Barefoot running blog 7 June 2017: 'Learning by doing' ("Not only does fear prevent children (and adults) from using their minds well, but it almost certainly, and at the most biological level, prevents the mind from working at all.")

9) Barefoot running blog 29 August 2017: 'Sensory Offensive' ("Lawrence of Arabia would have said: "The trick is not minding that it hurts.""

The Courage Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit working with other nonprofits to offer and implement programs that improve physiological response to stress, develop emotional resiliency, and help veterans find purpose again.

Please help me reach my committed goal of $20,000, and know that your tax deductible contribution is going to help our veterans!

Check to see if your employer will match your donation!