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Today, I received my invitation to the Oath Ceremony to become a US Citizen. It was a full circle moment. For the past 2 years, I have leaned on Veterans for Inspiration during the most challenging season of my life. After experiencing multiple traumas of physical assault, homelessness, divorce, job loss, deaths of loved ones, child custody battle and financial ruin in rapid succession, I found myself shell-shocked, traumatized and unable to go on. I even stopped writing. I had the knowledge for how to thrive in normal conditions. But what I was experiencing felt constant bombardment in a war zone. Out of desperation, I began studying how Veterans deal with trauma and the mindset required to thrive in war. Thus began my quest “Zero To SEALFit" during which I fully immersed myself into studying works by Veterans and finally delving deeper into everything written by Mark Divine with whom I deeply resonated. After learning the principles from Unbeatable Mind, the way of the SEAL and other courses, I found my feet again, rebuilding my career and regaining my sense of purpose and zest for life. I was so inspired I became a volunteer for Courage Foundation and enlisted in training as an Unbeatable Mind coach to help foster posttraumatic growth among those who serve especially Veterans with PTS. I am committed to giving back to those who sacrificed for my freedom to become a citizen of this great country!

Please consider sponsoring my fundraising commitment for this important cause. The Courage Foundation offers innovative programs that are making a difference in the lives of veterans suffering from PTS.

I'm pledging 10cents for every burpee I do this coming year. I'll be keeping you posted on my progress toward 22000 burpees through out the year. Check my Facebook feed for #BurpeesForVets daily posts.If you would like to make a pledge in support of my effort, I would be proud to have you on my team.

Thank You!

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