Rob Handy
Rob Handy's Fundraiser


My team and I are committed to 125,000 burpees in 2018 to help veterans with PTS.

$400 towards $10,000

Our Veterans have sacrificed for us.
Anxiety, depression and high suicide rates plague our veterans.
It's time for us to do our part.


We are calling on EVERYONE to help us reach our goal of 22 MILLION BURPEES and to raise $250000 to help veterans struggling with PTS.

Coach Divine has made the outrageous commitment to do 100,000 burpees in 2018 and is pledging 10 cents for every burpee to inspire you to join the team.

He needs your help. There is strength in numbers, and that is what it is going to take. Let's make this a massive movement to help veterans. Everybody counts in the fight against PTS. Every burpee counts. Every pledge counts.

Please consider sponsoring my fundraising commitment for this important cause. I am pledging 60,000 burpees and my teammates are pledging another 65,000 burpees to bring our total goal of 125,00 burpees completed in 2018 to help hit the vision goal of 22 million burpees by end of year.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciated. I have never served in the military so I am very humbled and honored to help give back to our veterans.

Thank you for your support.


December finals - (108,50/ 125,000) we fell short of the stretch goal but shattered the original goal of 40k back in January. Many, many humbled thank you's to my teammates. It was a long haul and you all are amazing and dedicated people. It has been an honor to be apart of this team. 🙂

Sept update: 67,750 to date. We broke the half way point! We have a lot of ground to cover. The team has been hit with injuries and lost some members but we will find a way to get this done! Super shout out to Renea and Denise who pushed past there monthly numbers to help the team. Amazing warriors!We don't mind the peaks and valleys because we know how to climb and swim. Always forward! People needs us to succeed! 🙂

June update: 13,100 for the month. We are still chugging along but have a long way to go. Thank you Chris Veihl for the 3000 burps!

MAY UPDATE: Great month! Over 11k burpees completed. Over 38,000 burpees completed by our team to date! We have a long way to go and will keep moving forward. Our team is grinding them out one at a time. Tremendous effort by everybody. So grateful to be a apart of this inspiring group of people.

APRIL UPDATE: we completed 4600 burps this month. Monthly total was down due to injuries and other life events but we have recommitted to our goal and have a renewed energy going forward as we gained 2 more team members this month with Loni Barkell and Marc Santo. This will drive our goal from 100k burpees to 125k burpees by the years end. HOOYAH! Can't stop! Won't stop! Thanks everyone for your commitment and dedication to help our warriors in need.

A very special thank you to Alfredo Palilio for his kind donation and encouragement! Thanks brother!

UPDATE: 2/12/18

David Pelan is committing to 1000 burpees per month which totals to another 10,000 completed by years end. HOOYAH, David!

Denise Kessler signed on to do 1000 burpees per month. That's an extra 10,000 burps! Denise you are a rock star! 😊

Renea McGhee is also pledging to throw down 2000 burps a month which is an additional 20,000 burps. 😀 Outstanding Renea. HOOYAH!


Rick Merrill has committed to 9000 burpees this year! Thank you Rick! That is awesome! 😀

I will update our numbers every month so you can see the progress we make

April update

Jan. 4000 (4000/100,000)

Feb. 9450 (13,450/100,000total reporting incomplete)

Mar. 9480 (22,930/100,000)

Apr. 4600 (27530/125,000)_

May. 11,045 (38,550/125,000)

Jun. 13,100 (51,650/125,000)

Jul. 9700 (61,350/125,000)

Aug. 6400 (67,750/125,000)

Sep. 15,500 (83,250/ 125,000)

Oct. 9500 (92,750/ 125,000)

Nov. 8000 (100,750/ 125,000)

Dec. 7400 (108,150/ 125,000)