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The Problem> The suicide crisis involving our nation's veterans today is at a staggering high figure. The Solution> Identify the common thread to the reason for suicide, and produce a venue for those at risk to reach out for prevention / help. Become involved.

Burpees For Vets is a fundraising / action campaign started by The Courage Foundation in 2017. This program takes aim to prevent suicide by our nation's veterans. Raising awareness of the crisis is the first step to solving the problem, acting on this awareness is crucial to saving lives through suicide prevention.

The stats today show an average of 20-22 veterans' every day will commit suicide; UNSAT figures. For a decade straight you couldn't ignore the fact we were at war. We all see the physical wounds today. It's the wounds that are hidden from our sight that we're working to repair through this campaign. It's unacceptable that the suicide crisis is largely ignored by the media, and it is less acceptable that we know about it and do nothing to help change it. Your donation here makes a difference!

Enter: The Courage Foundation. Look these folks up and decide if for yourself they're the real deal. The funds raised here will be used for programs that help some of those veterans that are seeking help for their mental state. Courage Foundation [.Net] is a young startup and not only a 501 (C) (3) non-profit, but I believe they're destined to be a game changer for the veteran support community. They are not yet rated on Charity Navigator ( due to a lack of asset value) but if you have any apprehension, please take a look at these folks and then decide. Podcasts on iTunes or on the internet at Unbeatable Mind, Books by Mark Divine, SealFit, are all great resources for personal growth and veteran support campaigns.

I believe the program offered by these folks will serve well the candidates that win entry into the program seen here. Note The Courage Foundation's Mission Statement > "To foster post-traumatic growth, restore purpose and transform lives through integrative self-awareness, physical health, mental toughness, emotional resilience and spiritual well-being". ** Consider the action items in that mission; this is Action finding Solution, just awesome!

Wrap-up version: We are working to develop a solution to the veteran suicide crisis through a ground assault [a.k.a. burpees]. Funding is needed to support these assistance programs. Our goal is to raise $250,000 for these programs and complete 22 million burpees in this campaign. Why burpees? Simply put, "We are proud to suffer for those that suffer for us".

I'm personally showing solidarity via monetary donation as well as committing myself to [as many burpees as I can do > revised 4x so far]. I'm hoping you will join me in this effort. You can donate funds, you can donate burpees, or you can launch your own campaign. My goal is to raise $3000 and 50,000 burpees [updated 2019]. I'm updating this page at the end of each month and working to grow this team.

< "We will either find a way, or make one" - Hannibal" >

Be someone's hero today and donate. From $5 to $25, and from 10 burpees to 10,000 > No gift is too small. Every penny, every burpee, every life... counts. Dream it, See it, Do it.

Special thanks to> Hector Soto > April 2019 I was humbled by the generous time, efforts and money donated by my friends at the local City Rec Center in Farmers Branch. March 28th, [8] of us gathered to do 925 burpees and raised $220. My great appreciation to each of those that donated: Seen on the grinder >> Marcel Brunel, Traci Williams, Jeremy, myself and others.

To make a pledge to Courage Foundation (Ken Glasgow's Work in Progress Team):

  1. You can donate $5 to my campaign so your name appears on the donor role.
  2. If you wish to do burpees and contribute those to this team, you can email me your totals whenever is convenient to you, but no later than the last day of each month. I'll add them to this page and you'll add to the Courage Foundation goal of 22 million burpees in this campaign. I'd love to count you as part of this team > send your Burpee totals to
  3. At the end of each month, I'll post my burpee totals for the month [seen below] and if you like I can send you an update.
  4. Most people might find it easier to make a one-time donation {as often as you like : }. ! You can make a monetary donation based on your pledge per burpee if you prefer that way. (Note" $0.01 = $100 on 10,000 burpees). If you donate money per burpee, please put that amount in the donor role "notes" ...

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Jan. 2018 * 0 * Discovered campaign in late Feb : (

Feb. * 500 * (Total 500 ) (Personal 500)

Mar. * 2065 * (Personal 1935)

Apr. * 1715 * (Personal 1575)

May. * 2040 * (Personal 1970)

Jun. * 1750 * (Personal 1750)

Jul. * 1210 * (Personal 1165)

Aug. * 1160 * (Personal 1105)

Sep. * 1500 * (Personal 1475)

Oct. * 1640 * (Personal 1610)

Nov. * 2440 * (Personal 2410)

Dec. * 3635 * (Personal 3605) 2018 = (Team @ 19,655)

Jan. 2019 * 3295 * (Personal 3265 )

Feb. 2019 *3400 * (Personal 3300 > for 25,665 @ 12 month) 26,350 for 12 month Team

Mar. *3245 * (Personal 2500) In Memory of SSG Tyler Blake Latta > Fallen Feb 16,2019

April 2019 * 1735 * (Personal 1735) In Honor of Johnny Tanner, Vietnam Veteran

May 2019 * 3000 * (Personal 3000)

June 2019 *2200 * (Personal 2200 )

July 2019 * * (Personal )