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As many of you know I’m very passionate about our veterans; specifically my grandfather boatswain’s mate 3rd class Petty Officer Edward Laycock Navy, my brother Sgt. William LaBelle USMC and brother in-law Senior airman Joshua Burns Air Force . To honor their service to our country and their current commitment to veteran services, I have decided to participate in The Courage Foundation Burpee Challenge. The Courage Foundation offers innovative programs that are making a difference in the lives of veterans suffering from PTS.

For those of you that don’t know a burpee is a rigorous form of exercise that consists of a pushup, mountain climber, and plyometric jump. Military personnel perform this exercise during training regularly. My goal is to raise $1,000. I will be doings 25 burpees for 30 days or till I reach my goal. For those of you that might not know on average 22 veterans commit suicide daily. My efforts will be in honor of those men and women that day who may have taken their own lives plus three extra for my grandfather and brothers.

I invite you to watch me daily on all my social media pages listed below. If you would like to make a pledge in support of my efforts, I would be proud to have you on my team.



There are two ways to donate:

1) You can make a one-time pledge towards my campaign for any amount

2) You can make a donation that will continue to flow everyday till I reach my goal of a “dollar amount” per burpee. For example you can donate $.25 per burpee ($6.25/a day) so for the same price of your daily Starbucks coffee you could be helping a veteran in need.

I would greatly appreciate you clicking on the link below to donate. I will update my total amount raised weekly. My campaign will be starting Saturday June 22 Wish me luck!

7-1 $700

7-8 $735